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Free Tools For Keyword Research
Free Tools for Keyword Search & Alternatives to Keywords Everywhere!

Are you continually looking for free tools for keyword search? In this post, we take you through some free tools for keyword search available to boost SEO.

Should I Use a SWOT or PESTLE analysis
Should I Use a SWOT or PESTLE Analysis?

A SWOT or PESTLE analysis helps you make the right business decision and evaluates the pros and cons to identify areas of success or failure.

personalise presentations
Personalise Presentations to Bring Greater Results

Marketers need to stay ahead and personalise presentations to see higher interest, positive conversations and achieve 20% more revenue.

Picking The Right PPC Platform
Which PPC Platform Should You Choose

Paid ads through PPC Platforms is a lucrative way for businesses to gain more web traffic and sales, providing they have a well thought out PPC strategy.

How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google
How to Improve Keyword Ranking in Google

This guide provides easy step by step instructions on how to improve keyword ranking in Google, and the best part? You won’t spend a penny!

How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress
How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress

It is vital that with long pillar-content articles, readers are given enjoyable user experiences. This is where anchor links help so read on to learn how to create anchor links in Wordpress

Develop a Digital Customer Acquisition Strategy
How to Develop a Digital Customer Acquisition Strategy

Digital Customer Acquisition is undoubtedly integral to technology business success. Creating a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy is imperative to actually achieve the desired outcomes in sales.

How to Write Pillar Content Strategy For Your Blog
How to Create a Pillar Content Marketing Strategy

Search Engines love Pillar Content. It helps focus your content marketing strategy making it useful and acts as a central spoke to branch out to more detailed topics.

How to Design - SImple Design Principles
How to Design – Simple Principles to Help You Design Better

Learning how to design takes some planning. Whether you are a designer, developer or marketer, there are simple steps to complete that will really help you get your message across successfully.

Wales - The Perfect Startup Location
Why Wales is the Perfect Startup Location for Emerging Tech Companies

Starting a tech company is never a smooth ride and your decision for a startup location to grow your business can make or break it, so every entrepreneur needs to choose carefully.

Get More Shareable Content For Your Blog
Get More Shareable Content For Your Blog

How to create shareable content that evolves with the trends and tastes of people’s online behaviour. We identify the changes in the types of shareable content people prefer and what they distribute.

Enhance the 4Ps of Marketing Mix & Add a 5th P, Persona
Enhance the 4Ps of Marketing by Adding a 5th P to Your Marketing Mix

The 4Ps of marketing mix is traditionally putting the right product in the right place, at the right price and promoting it at the right time. Here is the essential 5th ‘P’ – Persona.

Improve Blog SEO and Social Content Reach

Increase traffic to your website by writing better articles and improve your blog SEO. Here we look at the process following writing an article. Using Grammarly to improve readability and Yoast to improve the blog SEO score as well as delivery methods.

“How to create jobs …and value”

OSCAR SEASON ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on entrepreneur Chris Gardner‘s nearly one-year struggle being homeless.  When Chris…

Paving the cow paths to a successful start-up

In the tech start-up space, users of our applications often leave a trail of indicators showing us their frustrations, requirements or unpredictable behaviour as they navigate through our product. By successfully seeking out these indicators and listening to your users needs, slight navigational changes can improve the overall user experience of your application.

Free GDPR Privacy Policy for you to use

Today we have another freebie for you in the way of a template GDPR Privacy Policy that should help you tick the box ready for May 25th. Feel free to use it as it is, build on it or use it as a guide.

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