Alacrity Foundation, Alacrity House, Kingsway, Newport, NP20 1HG


Our Graduate Entrepreneurs From Year 2020-2021
Ben Bennett - Alacrity
Ben Bennett
Benjamin Humphries - Alacrity
Benjamin Humphries
Dim Kalaitzis - Alacrity
Dim Kalaitzis
Dylan Sion Hampton - Alacrity
Dylan Sion Hampton
Emma Terry - Alacrity
Emma Terry
Gareth Williams - Alacrity
Gareth Williams
George Gibson - Alacrity
George Gibson
Henry Purchas - Alacrity
Henry Purchase
Ieuan Leigh - Alacrity
Ieuan Leigh
Jack Rhys Burgess - Alacrity
Jack Rhys-Burgess
Joe Parker - Alacrity
Joe Parker
Josh Dobbins - Alacrity
Josh Dobbins
Karl Turnbull - Alacrity
Karl Turnbull
Katie Jones - Alacrity
Katie Jones
Louis Evans - Alacrity
Louis Evans
Maria Beecham - Alacrity
Maria Beecham
Mayowa Oseni - Alacrity
Mayowa Oseni
Nick Broom - Alacrity
Nick Broom
OGB Agwu - Alacrity
OGB Agwu
Paola Montoya - Alacrity
Paola Montoya
Rachel Kirby - Alacrity
Rachel Kirby
Sean Coutts - Alacrity
Sean Coutts
Shreya Agarwal - Alacrity
Shreya Agarwal
Tom Elliott - Alacrity
Tom Elliott
Ubadah Bbas - Alacrity
Ubadah Abbas
Our Graduate Entrepreneurs From Year 2019-2020
Ellie Seddon - Alacrity Graduate - Haelu
Elinor Seddon
Head Of Accounts
Evan Davies - Alacrity Graduate - Intuitix
Evan Davies
Managing Director
Paddy Gardner - Alacrity Graduate - Haelu
Paddy Gardner
Head Of Business Development
Boris Anderson - Alacrity Graduate - Intuitix
Boris Anderson
Technical Director
Emily Fothergill - Alacrity Graduate - Haelu
Emily Fothergill
Head of Technical Support
Giorgos Andreou - Alacrity Graduate - Haelu
Giorgos Andreou
Implementation Lead
Joshua Hart - Alacrity Graduate - Intuitix
Joshua Hart
Product Director
Matthew Gould - Alacrity Graduate
Matthew Gould
Sotos Hadjipanayi - Alacrity Graduate - Haelu
Sotos Hadjipanayi
Partner Integration Lead
Thea Carmela Paraguas - Alacrity Graduate - Intuitix
Thea Carmela Paraguas
Front End Developer
Vince Picton - Alacrity Graduate - Intuitix
Vince Picton
Back End Developer
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