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Wesley Clover Innovation Centre

Following Alacrity, the Wesley Clover Innovation Centre offers continuing support and mentorship. Entrepreneurs receive on-demand skills, knowledgeable support and work directly within teams to build an anti-fragile organisation. An organisation that will get stronger over time by learning from shared problems, failures, surprises, and successes from within the Wesley Clover Innovation Centre and wider Wesley Clover & Alacrity ecosystem.

Wesley Clover’s mission is to combine unique on-demand skills and extensive international business knowledge with the ambition of our talented technology companies from our Alacrity global ecosystem.

Wesley Clover owns global Wesley Clover parks and business solutions as well as being an international investor in technology companies to see, find and introduce, new & upcoming entrepreneurship technology players.

Not a day goes by without learning plenty about entrepreneurship, which I foresee using and applying, not just today but for years into the future.

All Innovation Centre teams have navigated the Alacrity Entrepreneurship Technology & Business Incubator.

Wesley Clover has research parks in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada as well as the technology business park and solutions network reviews here in Wales. Wesley Clover sees entrepreneurship business solutions as leading drivers in international business success.

An Early-Stage Accelerator specialising in branding, marketing, programming and global business.


We focus on enhancing brands by building visual, useable and impactful graphics. Mentoring on pitching and presenting starts from an early stage as does the development of efficient user interface and experience planning to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging products.


We encourage a rational approach to coding promoting what is expected by adopting modern coding practices. We develop an understanding of modern coding practices focussing on sustainability and efficiency compared to previously tested and proven methods.


We bring technology investors, academic institutions, corporate partners and governments together to create a technology scale-up environment that encourages entrepreneurship to have the support they need to succeed globally.

Wesley Clover Innovation Centre Location
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