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Personalise Presentations to Bring Greater Results

If you choose to personalise presentations for your sales meetings, then you will see higher interest, positive conversations and 20% more revenue.

One of our companies in British Columbia, Canada, recently had the opportunity to present to Disney. The choice for the team; SaaSquatch, to entirely personalise presentations to Disney was taken swiftly, and across an 8-hour time zone difference, we produced the below with them in 2 days. 

SaaSquatch is a powerful referral marketing platform built to power programs like that of the Disney Vacation Club and does so for a range of global consumer brands such as Western Union and Comcast

Why Spend Money and Time To Personalise Presentations 

recent study suggests many brands still rely on just basic personalisation. As a result, they fail to engage with an increasingly demanding audience.

B2B marketers need to stay ahead of the curve by creating a personalised customer experience for potential clients. 

Most B2B companies assign a dedicated account manager to their most valuable clients. This way, they target content to relevant customers. Despite this detailed approach to existing customers, many do not apply this thinking to sales and marketing presentations. Sales teams still do not personalise presentations to the audience. This is a fatal error and such an easy win for you. 

To personalise presentations and slide decks means you engage and speak to your audience instead of at them.

Research shows that half of the clients cannot remember anything from a presentation from just two days ago. 55% said it was because the information was not relevant. By personalising presentations, you can connect your product with the appropriate positions with your client.

Learn Your Presentation Inside and Out 

As entrepreneurs and start-ups, you may not have the team or time to create a brand new presentation for every meeting you attend. However, using the same, standard presentation will not work the majority of the time. 

If you don’t personalise presentations, you can quickly become trapped in a rapidly flicking slide deck. Reading from the screen will make you seem unprepared, unprofessional and be wasting their time.

We’re not asking you to create a bespoke slide deck every time. Getting to a point where you can tailor a master document quickly is essential in securing the business over competitors.

So What Did We Do to Personalise Presentations For Disney?

The Disney Vacation Club is similar to a timeshare where owners purchase a deeded interest withing Disney’s 5-star hotels on property. 

1 – Use Images They Are Used To

A generic presentation which is wholly branded in your colours, photos and logo mean the customer has to imagine its delivery. How will your product look on their website, and how will your product work for them? 

Using images, they are used to seeing, matched with your product or service will help the story of building a relationship together. 

In this introduction slide, we created a generic ‘overlay’ image in SaaSquatch branding that has a transparent background. This way, any relevant picture from the company you are presenting to can be used in place.

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – The front page transparent graphic that will overlay any static background image representing the client.
Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Relevant client image now in the background. Personalised text under the logo helps set the scene along with the clients logo

2 – Use Appropriate Language and Tone

Like every company, Disney speaks to their customers and visitors in a specific way. The first thing we did was research into what they have now and how they promote it. What words do they use, what emotions do they try and tap into?

They use words such as ‘welcome home, magical, experience, benefits and gift’ which instil an emotional attachment and brand position that we need to reflect within our presentation.

When SaaSquatch describes a feature, they need to use these same words to explain how the elements interact with Disney customers. This way, Disney can see straight away how it works FOR THEM. If this were a generic presentation, the language would be flat and toneless. Every brand speaks in a specific tone, match it and leverage it.

On the front page shown above, we changed the standard logo tagline from ‘Loyalty, Referrals and Rewards for Digital Services’, and made this more relevant to Disney in their own language. It was changed to ‘We Combine Intelligence With Fairy Dust to Spread Disney Magic’.

On the second introductory page, you need to speak about the ESSENTIALS of what you offer in response to the problem the client has. Again, we used relevant language to Disney to have a laser focus on the promise.

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Co-branding a simple introductory page to establish your offer and expected outcomes

3 – Co-Brand With Their Logo Sympathetically

As you can see from the above slide, we have added in a familiar place, bottom right of every slide that shows both company logos.

Adding their logo next to yours insinuates a partnership and a much softer, easier sell. Just using it subtly in the corner of each slide shows you’re dedicated to not wasting their time in this presentation and that you treat them with respect. You are serious and professional and are the type of company that respects other peoples brands and positions.

I prefer to use a company’s black-version of their logo. The reason for this is many colours just do not work together. Having a black version of your logo alongside their black logo will always work and complement each other. It also adds as a secondary visual to the page. Bright colours may try and take over the focus of the page.

4 – Reinforce What You Do and Who You Do It For

This next slide backs up your introduction to empower a need for the company to use your product. Include other companies you currently work for to show relative successes.

In this space, we have created another transparent slide so we can add a simple screenshot of the company’s website behind making it look realistic and believable. The box within the window bottom left shows SaaSquatches feature that identifies branding options and integration within their own website. All of this is purely an artists impression but can be used to convince Disney, in this case, that it matches their brand. 

The matched branding, complemented with the positive outcome in the text, helps to match the promise to the delivery and execution. 

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Easy wins from a transparent computer screen. Just add a screenshot of the customers website to the background!
Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Adding the clients website to the background will overlay your graphic on theirs in a convincing way. The overlay box can be re-coloured in Powerpoint to match

5 – Required Deliverables

Copy in the presentation can start to get a little longer from here on. We have already successfully paired the brands and established our essential offering. In this section, customise the requirements of the company and match their needs with your solutions.

Again, on this slide, we have a transparent or masked image that symbolically shows the emotional delivery of the SaaSquatch solution. The person here is shouting about the right things and spreading the word from the website.

A screenshot of the mobile website is simply added to the background here to complete the co-branding.

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – A symbolic representation of SaaSquatch’s offering helps visualise objectives
Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Adding the mobile website to the background ensures the brand partnership and helps convince opinions

6 – Your Experience and Expertise

Why should a company like Disney use SaaSquatch? This section of the presentation is less personalised but still needs to speak volumes as to why you should be chosen over a competitor.

Who currently trusts you, and what have you been able to deliver to comparable companies? Using colour logos here elevates their hierarchy of importance, and if you glanced this slide, you would immediately realise existing clients.

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Identify with relevant customers in an obvious way. Keep the logos balanced but clear

7 – Software Integrations Need to Be Obvious

We’ve all seen confusing flow charts. They don’t help at all, and when you squeeze them onto a small screen size, they can look terrible and complicated.

With this presentation to Disney, we purposely identify the client’s system in a different colour to the SaaSquatch solution. OK, for Disney, we used a bit of artistic license and added ‘Mickey Ears’ onto the computer screens. Not necessary, of course, but a fun extra that fitted with their brand.

By identifying a product flow, and some systems may be slightly different from company to company, we can ensure we personalise presentations to the end-user. 

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Showing what your product does and when helps people identify the product flow and how they / their customer will use it

8 – User Experience

Some of the last slides we used here are to identify the end-user experience as well as the journey. Ensuring that your product matches the brand requirements of your client is essential. Fonts need to match, colours need to complement and the language within needs to represent the website and be seamless between the two.

Showing this in a way similar to that of the desktop version earlier indicates that your user experience and visual graphics match that across multiple devices. This is another opportunity to co-brand your solution over the top of the client’s website.

Here, we have done it in an identical way to earlier slides. We have a graphic with a transparent background, and a screenshot of the mobile website can be placed behind. The blue ‘Refer a Friend’ box can be edited from within Powerpoint, and the colours changed to match the website branding.

Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – Address concerns over deliverability by adding a mobile version to complement the desktop screens earlier
Personalise Presentations - Wesley Clover
Personalise Presentations – A mobile screenshot in the background with a customisable box in Powerpoint helps show what the product could look and behanve

The last few slides can be used to tie off any other information required. This could be GDPR compliance, security features, optional extras and of course, a pricing section.


If you decide to personalise presentations to your clients, then some simple wins are easy to accomplish.

  1. Use images that are relevant to the customer
  2. Tailor the language to the client
  3. Place your logo and their logo together in a single colour
  4. Combine your product with their service visually
  5. Have transparent graphics where the client’s website or service can be easily included.
  6. Speak TO the client, instead of AT them

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