Alacrity Foundation, Alacrity House, Kingsway, Newport, NP20 1HG


Alacrity is a truly global initiative and our model varies based on regional requirements, however, our vision remains the same – to enable young, entrepreneurial business leaders to create world-beating new companies with the support of key local and international resources. Alacrity offices offer differing programmes and can be found in all the following locations.

Newport, Wales

The Alacrity Foundation in South Wales has a unique model as “Europe’s only charitable technology incubator”, and is a key member of the Alacrity ecosystem.

Victoria, British Columbia

The Alacrity initiative was first deployed in British Columbia, Canada, and this office continues to serve as one of the primary facilities.

Alacrity Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey

Established in 2014 with local strategic partners, Alacrity Turkey has an active fund cohort and is a key contributor to the Alacrity ecosystem.

Alacrité France
Lille, France

Alacrité France, launched in Lille in 2016, is busy working with the best local graduates and corporate partners to build new ICT products and services.

Huixquilucan, Mexico

Alacrity Mexico is actively bringing investors, government groups and academic institutions to produce a first start-up cohort.

Alacrity ASEAN

Alacrity ASEAN continues to attract investor partners, government departments and academic institutions in order to launch a first fund.

Ottawa, Canada

L-SPARK is Canada’s first and only technology Accelerator focused on enterprise SAAS and Cloud start-ups. L-SPARK is an initiative of Wesley Clover International.

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