Alacrity Foundation, Alacrity House, Kingsway, Newport, NP20 1HG

Portfolio of Alacrity Graduate Companies

Alacrity UK has a rich mixture of successful graduate companies that are based in south Wales.
Graduated 2016

Security Awareness Training

Solving the most prevalent cause of security breaches: Human Error.

Graduated 2019

Energy Visualised

Changing the way people see and interact with energy consumption

Graduated 2013

Gift Voucher Management

Enjovia is the system that helps businesses sell more gift vouchers

Graduated 2021

Independent Spectrum Mapping

Get an accurate understanding of mobile coverage to better inform local planning through overlayed spectrum mapping.

Graduated 2015

Convert Website Visitors

Take your customer service to new heights by embedding voice, video, live web chat and cobrowsing directly into your browser

Graduated 2021

Visual Research Insights

Transform the way you monitor and invest in emerging technologies by converting unstructured research data into visual insight.

Graduated 2013

Collaborative Learning

Learnium encourages better learning through social engagements.

Graduated 2018

Recruitment Simplicity

Reduce the time to find the best talent while giving candidates the best opportunity to present themselves.

Graduated 2021

Transforming Client Facing Processes

A unique client experience that reduces manual tasks and increases client satisfaction.

Graduated 2020

Optimising the Innovation Process

An end-to-end platform for tracking the impact of innovation projects throughout the entire life

Graduated 2020

Remote Care Monitoring

A simple-to-use app that can help make every contact count by empowering social care to trigger earlier health interventions

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