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Welsh Government - Alacrity Supporter

The Welsh Government is the devolved government of Wales responsible for policy in devolved areas (such as health, education, economic development, transport and local government) for consideration by the Senedd and implementing policy that has been approved by it.

HM Government - Alacrity Supporter
HM Government

The UK’s central government (sometimes referred to as Whitehall) is made up of different thematic government departments, such as Health and Social Care, Transport, and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The UK Government also includes a central department called the Cabinet Office.

Waterloo Foundation - Alacrity Supporter

The Waterloo Foundation is an independent grant-making Foundation created in 2007. They are a registered charity who give grants to organisations internationally that help in the areas of the disparity of opportunities and wealth, and the unsustainable use of the world’s natural resources.

Wesley Clover - Alacrity Supporter

Wesley Clover has an experienced private, global investment management firm and holding company. Wesley Clover has active international interests in technology through innovative new cloud and SaaS companies as well as hospitality and real estate.

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