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Building a Post-COVID-19 Workplace Around Remote Working

Companies are slowly starting to move back to the office and consider what a post-COVID-19 workplace might look like. Moving from this crisis, there is now an increasing need to unite home working tools with your office’s communication and culture tools. Different countries are moving at different paces. For global companies, this can be another layer of complexity. The slow but steady growth potential needs factoring for different operating processes for various organizations.

As we begin this transition, currently free tools (at time of release) like Teamphoria and Got An Idea can help communication and engagement. But first, we need to reflect on what we have been forced to learn and why.


How Will a Post-Covid-19 Workplace Look?


Many of us have now learned, following this health and economic crisis, remote working can be more productive to that of the office. Predictions are, there will be an increase in remote working in a post-COVID-19 workplace.


UK carrier, O2 and YouGov have commissioned recent reports on this subject. They found that 45% of workers surveyed predict a permanent change in their employers approach to flexible working as we begin to move out of the COVID-19 lockdown.


Nearly half of those surveyed also predict that their current flexible working will increase. 33% expect to increase home working by three days, and 81% plan to work from home at least one day a week. This has the added benefit to reduce travel emissions as we attempt to continue social-distancing on public transport. Attitudes towards home working have significantly changed since the start of the Coronavirus and we are looking towards opportunities and changed policies to enable this to happen.


What Good Has Come From Home Working?


The lockdown has forced many of us to work from home and find our processes to make this individually efficient and less distracting. Businesses adjusted quickly through necessity. One of the few positives during the move to the recovery of COVID-19 could be that many employees continue to work from home, more often. Increased work from home has the benefit of saving money and helping the environment through less travel. But, as social beings, we need to stay connected and engaged with the office to remain a strong team.


Fortunately, there are employee communication and engagement solutions on offer currently, as people begin to travel back to the office and others continue working from home. The future of much economic progress during this recovery will centre around a reliable platform for communication and employee engagement.


Leverage What We Have Learned Through This Crisis


Your employees, as your most valuable asset, must feel a valued part of your company. This should be regardless of where they are working. Employees must have the right tools to do their jobs effectively and have the ability to connect with the right people at the right time. There are several versions available, but we’ll speak to our experience to a tool that is currently free to trial. It is a perfect post-COVID-19 employee engagement tool called Teamphoria.


Keeping Employees Connected and Engaged


The NHS in the UK, Coca-Cola Bottlers, and Village Roadshow Pictures in the USA, as well as prestigious hospitality venues like The Celtic Manor, use Teamphoria. The use varies from within departments to company-wide, so they can understand and stay connected with employees across different buildings and time zones, be them remote working or office-based. The NHS has increased its use across departments during this pandemic. Coca-Cola, who have used this product for several years, have seen it as an essential tool to stay in contact with their active and furloughed team.


Teamphoria provides you with an intranet-style engagement platform that monitors employee satisfaction, encourages collaboration and allows engagement across your business.


By enabling Teamphoria to analyze employee sentiment and satisfaction, companies are easily and swiftly alerted to low morale and poor engagement. Information is essential to ensure people during furlough, working from home or in the office or factory can remain engaged and feel a part of the team virtually.


What Post COVID-19 Workplace Tools Need to Provide


The best work from home tools in a post-COVID-19 workplace should provide your business with a centralized digital workplace with features that actively encourage your team to communicate, share work collectively and efficiently.


Teamphoria allows for all of these, and more; and as they’re currently offering an extended free trial, now is a perfect time to take advantage of software that unites a team.


Problems need raising and addressing when working remotely as quickly and as easily as if you were in the same office. Management and hierarchy roles allow issue management to be more proactive instead of reactive with pulse surveys and with global and departmental communication feeds.


Performance reviews, goal setting and general HR tasks need to be made more flexible and reactive instead of having yearly awards and appraisals. A new post-COVID-19 workplace needs to be about building a culture that the employees thrive in that is built around recognition and trust.


Give Staff Recognition Wherever They Work


Creating an engaged workforce begins with recognizing employees for the fantastic work happening within your organization wherever they may be. Recognition should not just be from a manager to an employee, but from employees to leadership and peer-to-peer.


Teamphoria is all about shaping employee engagement, performance and communication, built around recognition and reward.


With Teamphoria, custom tools and management roles make communication more accessible and also practical, saving time and increasing productivity. Employees can take pulse surveys and post items to private social feeds, including video, to create a friendly corporate intranet.





Company leaders and professionals are now looking for lockdown HR tools that are more scalable than traditional internal tools. They need to be used to support and deliver internal policy changes and new challenges. This will be the new way we need to work and support many business scenarios. When looking for these tools, it is more important than ever to build on the impact of good practices that we have learnt (the hard way) through remote working and forced lockdown measures, and allow this function to be scalable to the needs of your workforce. In the coming weeks we will learn more about what is to come and how quickly. Getting notes, strategies and information to our workforces quickly and transparently is going to lead to better financial growth and communication, and the way it is delivered is key.


To sign up for a free trial of Teamphoria’s post-COVID-19 workplace communication tools, click here. Good luck!

Post COVID-19 Workplace
Post COVID-19 Workplace

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