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Risk Capital

Alacrity is supported by Wesley Clover, an investment company, founded and controlled by Sir Terry Matthews. Wesley Clover has an extensive track record as a private, global investment management firm and holding company. They have active interests in innovative new cloud and SaaS technology companies as well as selected real estate.

Wesley Clover, along with Welsh Government and the Waterloo Foundation have established a seed fund to support graduating Alacrity teams.  These partners have also engaged with follow-on funding rounds.  Access to seed and patient capital is essential in the establishment, development and growth of digital companies.

Alacrity has also developed a strong relationship with the Development Bank of Wales an institution established by the Welsh Government to support the economy of Wales by making it easier for businesses to get the finance needed to start up, strengthen and grow.

The Foundation has a number of experienced investors, institutional and otherwise, that it calls upon to support and advise its teams.

Startups are risky enough and all of the risk capital structures and support that underpin the Alacrity programme mitigate risk for all involved.

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The Foundation has a supporting seed-fund that invests into the graduating companies.  To date, the seed-fund has invested into 12 Alacrity companies, each receiving £250K.


Strategic Project Partners

The survival rate of start-up, but particularly digital enterprises is low; 90% of new start-ups fail; 75% of venture-backed startups fail; under 50% of businesses make it to their fifth year. Graduating companies from the Alacrity programme has a significantly higher survival rate. The programme mitigates the risks inherent in startups. Founders are mentored so that they do not make the mistakes that far too many startups make.


In addition to Wesley Clover, the Foundation has nurtured close links with the Development Bank of Wales and a range of UK and international investment institutions, ensuring a supply of smart capital for our alumni companies.

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