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Free Tools for Keyword Search & Alternatives to Keywords Everywhere!

Are you continually looking for free tools for keyword search?

If you’re in the digital marketing world, then you’ll know more than most how fast this landscape changes, and those free tools for keyword search you relied on, well they’re no longer free. Just as you get to grips with using a certain tool it gets an update or changes its services from free to paid.

We understand the need for companies to change and adapt their services to survive. While we should support companies, which provide us with amazing services, we also recognise that startups aren’t always in a position to pay for them.

So while Keywords Everywhere have gone from a free service to paid as of 1st October 2019, we recognise that it was a necessary change for them to make for themselves. However, for many startups who don’t have the spare cash flow to support their favourite services, they, unfortunately, need to look elsewhere for free keyword tools!

So get comfortable, as below we will take you through some free tools for keyword search to help boost your SEO.


What keyword features should you look out for?

Whether you are looking for organic keywords for your blog, or paid-keywords to drive traffic to your website, there are several keyword features that are important to look out for. These include:

  • Keyword Search Volume
    This is important as you want to include keywords that are getting searched each month.
  • Competition
    Knowing how competitive your keywords are is important as this will not only determine your price for paid ads but also you’ll be able to see if it is easy or difficult to rank well for certain keywords on search engines. Ideally, you want a competition score that either score 0.3 or less, or one with a difficulty rating of easy.
  • Keyword Suggestions
    You want to use a tool that can suggest similar keywords, this way you can compare easily which is the best keyword to use depending on search volume, competition and Cost-Per-Click.

Nice to have features include:

  • Search Volume Trend
    This is where tools show you the trends for each keyword. Exactly how Google Trends works. This makes it easy to predict how your keywords should perform based on previous years.
  • Filtering Keywords
    Being able to filter your keyword searches eliminates unnecessary keywords from appearing and prioritises the right keywords. You can usually allocate positive and negative words for your searches to exclude certain words and prioritise certain keywords.
  • SERP Analysis (Search Engine Results Page)
    This is a great feature for being able to see the top webpages that rank for specific keywords. This is a great feature to determine if you can outrank your competitors.


Free Tools For Keyword Search

See our list of free keyword tools below, they are presented in no particular order.


1. Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO uses a keyword explorer, ranking analysis and content assistant to help find the best keywords for your SEO.

Free Tools for Keyword Search – Cognitive SEO
Free Tools for Keyword Search - Cognitive SEO Sign Up
Free Tools for Keyword Search – Cognitive SEO Sign Up (Pay if you need more than 3 searches per day)

Cognitive SEO Pros:

  • Good for seeing if a keyword is difficult or easy to rank for in the top 10 results search engine pages
  • Good for determining how many backlinks you’ll need to rank in the top 10 compared to existing competition
  • Good for showing monthly search volume trends for your keyword


Cognitive SEO Cons:

  • Can’t easily compare search volume with similar keywords
  • Can’t see CPC
  • Can’t see competition score (it just tells you if it’s easy, medium or difficult)
  • Need to pay to see these three above details
  • Can only try 3 free searches per day before you need to create an account at $129 a month



Moz is a premium service, but they do also offer up to 10 free searches a month on a limited programme.

Free Tools for Keyword Search -
Free Tools for Keyword Search –
Free Tools for Keyword Search - Sign Up
Free Tools for Keyword Search – Sign Up Pros:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Uses clickstream data for keyword suggestions
  • Keyword difficulty score uses page and domain authority metrics for above-average accurate results Cons:

  • Requires you to sign up to an account to search free keywords, but can only search up to 10 keywords for free each month!
  • Doesn’t always give you search volume trend data


3. WonderSearch

WonderSearch is a free keyword tool that automatically uses Google’s data relationships (people also ask, people also search for, and related queries) to find semantically related keywords.

Free Tools for Keyword Search - Wondersearch
Free Tools for Keyword Search – Wondersearch
Free Tools for Keyword Search - Wondersearch Results
Free Tools for Keyword Search – Wondersearch Results

WonderSearch Pros:

  • Simple and easy to use, no complicated analytics or sidebars
  • Delivers on providing the monthly search volume, competition score and CPC all for FREE!!
  • Easy to compare with similar searched keywords
  • A great alternative to Keywords Everywhere

WonderSearch Cons:

  • Can’t use as a chrome extension, like you could with keywords everywhere
  • Doesn’t give larger analytics such as search volume trends
  • Search results can take a while to load.


4. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

This seems to be the most advanced free keyword search tool available right now. It offers so much it’s hardly believable that it is a completely free tool.


Free Tools for Keyword Search - UberSuggest
Free Tools for Keyword Search – UberSuggest
Free Tools for Keyword Search - UberSuggest Results
Free Tools for Keyword Search – UberSuggest Results

UberSuggest Pros:

  • It’s completely FREE!! No sign-up, no limited searches per month.
  • Uses data from Google Keyword Planner, and Google Suggest
  • You can view search volume per month
  • Can see what keywords your competitors rank for
  • It has keyword suggestions
  • You can see the CPC per keyword
  • You can see keyword competition.
  • You can audit your website to see your SEO score.

UberSuggest Cons:

  • So much data and analytics available that it makes the user face a little complicated to use unless you’re very experienced with keyword searching
  • You can change the keyword search per region, but there isn’t an option for showing worldwide keyword results.


We hope you’ve found our post on free tools for keyword search helpful.

For more Free Keyword tools check out a past post of ours here: Free Keyword Tools to Boost SEO, where we also go over the basics for keyword research for beginners.


Happy keyword searching!

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Hello there, thanks for the great article! You’ve shared some great insights on other tools that I’ve not known before.

Wondering if you would add a new option to keyword research to your list known to the public as LiveKeywords. It is a Chrome extension that provides important information such as search volume, CPC, competition, and related searches all from your search result pages! It’s simple and easy to use so do give it a look:

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