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Optimising the Innovation Process
Project Portfolio Management Platform

An end-to-end platform for tracking the impact of innovation projects throughout their entire life

Intuitix Header Dashboard
Intuitix - Graduate Startup From Alacrity Entrepreneurship Course
Intuitix optimises the innovation process by bringing project data into a single-pane-of-glass view. Time is saved through automating manual tasks, risks are mitigated through centralising data, and organisational understanding improves through analytics and insight.

Project data is fed into the application through easy-to-use templates and tables. Projects are continually tracked throughout their entire life, from cradle-to-grave. Data is aggregated and analysed inside the application, providing an indication of return-on-investment, and overall performance of the project portfolio.


As Intuitix provides a clearer understanding of the innovation project portfolio, organisations are able to utilise these actionable insights to harvest more value from their innovation process.

Faster decision making with more information to hand allows for process optimisation, while the value of innovating is communicated clearly around the organisation, encouraging buy-in from key stakeholders.

Intuitix - Alacrity Graduated Team
The Intuitix solution empowers innovation projects by tracking their impact and efficiency throughout their lifecycle.
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