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Transform unstructured analysis data into
Visual Research Insights
Empower your research teams with an AI powered visual interface to explore collective knowledge on the emerging technology landscape.
Graphium Smart Research Analysis
Graphium Research Analysis
Graphium is a B2B Software that transforms the way organisations monitor and invest in emerging technologies by converting their unstructured research data into visual insight.
Utilising machine learning and graph technologies Graphium collates, structures, and visualises internal research data, providing analysts with an intuitive interface to explore their organisations collective knowledge. Graphium’s visualisations reveal the gaps, trends, and interconnections across an organisations internal research, helping them identify the crucial insight to underpin investment decisions.

Speeds up the discovery of valuable research and knowledge

Opens up opportunities for collaboration between research teams

Provides high level insight into the collective internal knowledge of the emerging technology landscape.


Automatic tagging of research documents

Interactive knowledge maps

Advanced data analytics and visualisations

Tiered access controls to allow for secure collaboration between research teams

Graphium Research Analysis
Transform the way organisations monitor and invest in emerging technologies by converting unstructured research data into visual insight.
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