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Empowering social care to trigger earlier health interventions
Clinically Driven Remote Monitoring

A simple-to-use app that can help make every contact count in care.

Haelu Social Care Remote Monitoring
Haelu - Clinically Driven Remote Monitoring
Haelu is dedicated to delivering digital solutions that can facilitate a more sustainable future for health and social care. Alongside supporting Wesley Clover portfolio company, Cliniconex in bringing [Automated Care Messaging] to the UK, the team is now bringing their own unique new innovation to market in collaboration with a leading Welsh Healthboard, a solution with the potential to transform conventional models of care.

Unplanned hospital admissions are often caused by the exacerbation of conditions that could have been addressed within the community. While community-based services are both safer for individuals and more cost-effective overall, instigating earlier interventions requires a consistency of data not available to healthcare professionals.


By collecting data from everyday social care visits, Haelu can make every contact count, creating more preventative care by facilitating collaboration between ‘the hospital’ and the community.

With a simple-to-use app, those visiting at-risk patients are empowered to make observations that can generate data to be shared directly with health professionals. This more proactive approach to care provides added continuity, while keeping individuals out of high-cost, high-risk situations, such as visiting the emergency department.


Collecting this untapped community data, particularly for vulnerable individuals, presents an enormous public health opportunity. Understanding trends among populations can help inform strategy and more effectively prioritise resources. Moreover, by creating a detailed, digital audit trail of health and social care interactions, future generations can benefit from more informed and data-driven decisions regarding their health and care.

Haelu is a simple-to-use app that can help make every contact count in social care.
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