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Talkative / Salesforce Partnership Provides Website-Driven Contact Centre Solutions

Talkative Salesforce Partnership Press Release


Newport company Talkative partners with global giant Salesforce to provide website-driven contact centre solutions for Service Cloud users

Talkative are pleased to announce their partnership with Salesforce, to provide an all-in-one, website-driven contact centre for Service Cloud users.

The Talkative solution allows agents to manage all customer interactions, including web chats, voice calls, emails and more from a centralized dashboard which integrates sleekly into Salesforce Service Cloud, which is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange here:

Talkative is seeing an unmet need for website-centric contact centre systems. We believe communication should be contextual for both agents and customers. With more customer journeys starting online than ever before, Talkative’s unique offering for Salesforce was designed to close the gap between websites and contact centres. Talkative co-founder and Managing Director, Felix Winstone, explains more:

“Organisations are now seeing all of their customer contact come from online customer journeys, but traditional voice-centric contact centre systems are ill-equipped to deal with these digital interactions.

We often see a disconnected approach where digital marketing teams are deploying chat systems for website or app engagement, but with a completely separate system for handling voice calls. This leads to fragmented customer journeys and inefficient contact centres.

Organisations that offer great customer service have website/digital-centric customer contact, where the contact options for customers are embedded into their online journey, whether the preferred channel is voice, chat or email.

The agent side of this contextual communication is where Salesforce comes in. By embedding communication into Salesforce, the agent has a single view of that customer and is much better armed to help them, whether it be for a sales or service enquiry.

Talkative for Salesforce brings a website-centric customer contact platform into Salesforce and is being used by global brands with a forward-thinking approach to customer care.”

The solution includes a variety of features specifically designed to improve holistic customer care by placing emphasis on the customer’s online journey. Agents can easily escalate from a chat into a voice call at the click of a button, and are able to contextualise enquiries by using customer journey mapping, which gives an insight into the pages visited on the website during the customer’s current session.

This functionality has been used by many Talkative clients to increase customer satisfaction to over 90%, reduce web chat abandonment rates by 70%, improve contact centre efficiency and boost overall customer experience.


About Talkative


Talkative, is a technology company based in Newport, South Wales, that builds website-driven contact centre solutions.

Talkative provides web-based communications solutions including web chat, web calling, cobrowse and video calling to contact centres and organisations across multiple sectors. Sectors include retail, automotive, public sector, travel, financial services and more.

Talkative helps organisations to connect better with their own customers, and believe that organisations of all types benefit by having efficient, meaningful conversations with their digital customers.


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