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SumoShift Chosen as Casual Work Solution for Prestigious Polo at the Manor

Casual work is nothing new to the hospitality industry. The coining of the ‘Gig Economy’ though has come about from a massive increase in different sectors and workers seeing the benefit of this working practice.

A massive recruiter for casual work in South Wales is the five-star Celtic Manor Resort. The Celtic Manor fills over 5,000 casual shift placements a year. They have adopted technology from SumoShift initially for their events to make this process simpler, quicker and cheaper.

On Saturday 15th June The Celtic Manor based in Newport, South Wales, hosts one of the summer’s most prestigious events – Polo at The Manor. This event attracts over 3,000 visitors, and casual work staff from Newport and Cardiff are needed to fulfil the event requirements.

On the day, lucky guests will find themselves watching the highly skilled ponies and players, treading divots and sipping on cold, crisp champagne and summer cocktails all in the warm Welsh summer sun.

The need for casual work staff will be primarily in the hospitality pavilion. However, this event is becoming so vast other opportunities for casual work are also available.

The Celtic Manor Resort makes this an event like no other with a need for casual work and gig-economy staff to support their ever-expanding Polo Village. The village has a variety of delicious food stalls, a champagne bar, other drinks outlets and live music on a main stage. As well as private pods there is a hospitality pavilion filled with celebrities and VIPs where the main casual work opportunities are available.

The Celtic Manor Resort, voted the UK’s best hotel, has rightfully earned a reputation as experts in hosting spectacular events.  The support it receives through casual work and gig-economy staff is invaluable to their day-to-day operations.

Most famous for hosting the 2010 Ryder Cup, the hotel has even won presidential approval with the 2014 NATO summit – hosting 60 world leaders including then US President Barrack Obama among 4,000 delegates in 2014. The Celtic Manor Resort has proven there’s no event too big to handle and they value their casual workers and full-time workers alike.


The Casual Work Hospitality Hiring Solution

Behind the scenes, The Celtic Manor Resort needs to rely on people looking for professional, casual work to ensure these notable events run like clockwork.

That’s why this year, Celtic Manor has chosen SumoShift as their preferred hiring solution. SumoShift enables the hotel to quickly notify a competent and reliable force of thousands of people signed up for casual work in South Wales to upcoming opportunities.

SumoShift, a Welsh technology company, has created a sophisticated web and mobile app that connects employers directly to applicants seeking flexible employment opportunities. The beauty of the platform eliminates the need for third-party recruitment agencies, enabling the employers’ full control of who they can temporarily hire.


Ian Edwards CEO of The Celtic Manor Resort confirms,

“Like many businesses in our industry from time to time we experience the need to increase our casual workforce. We tested the SumoShift platform. It offers the very best in new technology and has proven an attractive business model. The fact it is a local company gives me the reassurance of SumoShift’s ability to provide a first-rate service.”


SumoShift or Recruitment Agency for Casual Work?

With the direct communication between employer and ‘Shifters’ (applicants of SumoShift) the employer has full control of their hiring journey.

Employers can hand pick shifters according to their personal preferences. This is the flexibility that recruitment agencies do not always get right as they usually put forward everyone and anyone for roles to fill the numbers.

The cost of casual work staff using SumoShift is at a fraction of that of recruitment agencies as there is no middle man.

With SumoShift, employers will have full visibility of the quota of casual workers selected throughout the hiring process. Agencies often hide this information until close to the event day, when it’s too late to fill remaining shifts that still need to be filled.

SumoShift eliminates issues with hiring the same poor workers, where agencies may put up the same weak applicants for future roles. Likewise, if employers had great workers previously, SumoShift‘s application will allow you to hire the same previous good workers applying to each shift.

Every Shifter has a profile which has a rating score earned from previous shifts.


How Does SumoShift Work?

Hirers simply post a job, using SumoShift‘s intuitive job forms, and select who they wish to hire from a list of applicants. The Shifter, or jobseekers, can put themselves forward for roles they want to fill simply by clicking “apply”.

Profiles with information on the individuals and ratings they’ve received for completed casual work means employers can harness the power of a recruiter themselves.

One of the most significant benefits to both someone looking for casual work and the hirer is the exposure to each other for a possible long term working relationship.


SumoShift and Polo at The Manor Opportunities

If you’re looking for a temporary shift, Polo at The Manor offers highly rewarding casual work as Shifters get to be a part of one of the most prestigious and memorable events of the season.

Celtic Manor is looking for Food Servers who will serve up to 1,200 guests in the hospitality area. Included in their role is serving three-course meals and afternoon tea for 800 guests in the VIP marquee. They will also deliver and serve hampers to the celebrities and VIP guests in the private pods.

The event is also looking to hire experienced Bar Staff on a day when the champagne, cocktails and other refreshments will be flowing.

Transport to the event can also be provided.


For workers interested in taking up casual work for the glamorous Polo at The Manor you can download the SumoShift app to apply here >

For the Play Store use this link here >

For the App Store use this link here >


For businesses looking at sourcing staff for their own events or shifts, you can sign up and create an account at or email Sumoshift at

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