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How to Capture Great Ideas (Demo)

Here in Wales we have a well-known issue with the scrapping of the M4 relief road and need to look at how to capture great ideas to fix this.

SPOILER ALERT: We’ve been working with the Newport Economic Network and CulturVate on the way to capture great ideas as alternatives to the M4 Relief Road.

Introducing Got An Idea!


We’ll talk about how we got here and the process below.


Where do Great Ideas Come From?


Great ideas can come from anywhere. Individually we have great ideas but fail to capture them quick enough. We’re sure you all, like us have tonnes of ideas, but they are soon forgotten with all the distractions of life. This is why we need a place to capture thoughts that we could develop into great ones.

As we mentioned, here in Wales we have a severe traffic congestion issue. The leading solution to this was scrapped due to the potential cost of £1.4bn. The costs, as well as the environmental impact, were a huge consideration for the Government.

So no more M4 relief road. But the congestion around Newport continues. We need to capture great ideas in response to this.

Following the cancelling of the M4 plans, Lord Burns is establishing a commission to consider alternatives to the scrapped scheme. The Newport Economic Network devised a simple strategy to ask the community for their M4 relief road ideas, and from this Got An Idea was born.


Why We Should Capture Great Ideas


The Newport Economic Network, chaired by Wesley Clover’s own Chief Executive, Prof Simon Gibson wanted to create a public consultation site for all to contribute their ‘Big Ideas’ to improving access to and commuting through Newport. By exploring this challenge, we identified why it was essential to capture great ideas from the community.

  1. Focus on the Problem

    Who best to ask than the people who deal with the problem every day. While presented with the problem, it is easier to consider solutions that are a priority at that moment. If you don’t capture great ideas when they’re a priority, then you’ll likely keep getting distracted and focus on something else.

  2. Capture Insights and Ideas

    By capturing those ideas, even if they are a quick note, you will not forget about them altogether. Consider how often you have thought of an idea and decided to write it down later only to have completely forgotten it?

  3. Identify Winning Ideas

    Not every idea will be a great one. However, they will come from the right mindset. Giving a place for ideas to grow and develop is of paramount importance. To capture great ideas for a problem like the M4 relief road is verified when the community in question can discuss them openly. Often initial thoughts or sometimes inadequate plans can be developed by other people and enhanced into a great idea!

  4. Give Ideas a Space to Grow and Develop

    The community is best placed to grow and develop ideas. Giving these ideas a forum empowers passionate people to comment, promote and discuss s suitable solution to help build outcomes. After all, when there are community problems, every idea should be discussed within the community. It makes little sense to keep opinions to yourself where no benefit will come to the broader community.

  5. Find Those Ideas That Have Potential Outcomes

    Democratising the challenge and allowing people to vote on each other thoughts can identify a familiar feeling throughout a community. Some ideas will capture the imagination of people and be discussed, built on and may become valid options. The way to obtain great ideas is to identify the need to capture the ‘wisdom of the crowd’.

  6. More is More

    The more ideas that you’re able to capture, then the more you’ll build up a habit to generate solutions. Sharing ideas makes individuals feel that they’re a more significant part of a team. Instead of people complaining about a concern or only talking about ideas with friends, they have a public forum actually to do something about it.


The New Tool to Capture Great Ideas


Before asking the community of South Wales for their solutions, we knew the region needed a suitable tool to capture great ideas. It needed to be simple and have a low barrier to entry. Wesley Clover and the Newport Economic Network worked together identifying some potential idea capturing solutions.

Fortunately, one of our teams, CulturVate, already had an idea harnessing platform called the Innovation Engine. This product, however, has a lot of power with innovation-based analytics and evaluation tools and is used for much more than just a way to capture great ideas. As a result, we sat down and identified a distinct route and interface based around the one specific, common problem which is alternatives to the M4 relief road.

After just two weeks of work developing an alternative and focused product, CulturVate released ‘Got An Idea‘. Specifically built to capture particular ideas, like that for other options to the M4 relief road, the Got An Idea platform is best-placed to capture the wisdom of the crowd.


This solution takes everyone’s ideas, shares them publicly and allows anyone to vote them up or down. Openly discussing ideas can include attachments to identify solutions already available.

We’d encourage anyone who has experience of solutions or new ideas to traffic management to share their ideas on the platform.


About Newport Economic Network

The Newport Economic Network is a broad partnership of representatives drawn from key bodies within Newport, South Wales. The group meets regularly to maximise the economic opportunities for the City and surrounding region.


About CulturVate

Got An Idea is developed by innovation harnessing company, CulturVate. It is their ambition to enable companies and communities to innovate through ideas for the benefit of all. Their suite of products allow employees and individuals a place for their voice and valued opinion to be aired, discussed, evaluated and rewarded.

Got An Idea is an easy to use platform that gathers ideas from a business or community and gives them a space to be explored and developed. Got An Idea captures quickly the light bulb moment usually triggered when a passion or a problem is most prevalent.

For more information, please visit


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