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Call Centre Technology to Improve Customer Experiences

Talkative lead the way in digital call centre technology. They bridge the gap between phone systems and customer-facing websites. Talkative empowers the all-important human connection to enable smarter customer service.


Call Centre Facts:

81% of consumers value customer experience as critical in purchasing decisions. This is almost as important as receiving value for money at 83%. [source material]


From the evidence, it is clear that consumers seek out companies that provide good customer experiences. Experience is key when providing customer service. Good experience builds relationships with your brand and therefore, trust. Trust is built through meeting and beating customer expectations. Here at the Wesley Clover Innovation Centre, we use a simple formula:



Trust = Reliability + Delight


We’ve written a blog dedicated to Trust. Read on here for Reliability or go straight to Delight


Companies can harness Talkatives call centre technology to build trust through effective communication.


In a consumer-focused economy, a huge premium is placed on the accessibility of companies. To address this 24/7 need, many are turning to AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IVR (Interactive voice response) for their contact and communication process. These chat-bots and automated telephone systems save money and time. But at what cost?


There is a 15% reduction in customer satisfaction when facing a chat-bot alone, with no option to speak to a human. Consumers are increasingly frustrated with this lack of personal touch. Complicated queries can show little to no response and the empathy a person can offer is not evident when faced with a chat-bot alone. This is something that both chat-bots and IVR’s will continue to fall short on. [source material]


Chat-bots however, do have their place within a suite of customer engagement solutions. When supported by real-time, human communication tools embedded into your website, chat-bots can compliment and offer choice to maximise sales and service.


Companies are now recognising the importance of human interaction joined with advanced call centre technology. Many turn to Talkative to build on their existing systems, update call centre technology and improve customer experiences.


What Does Talkative Offer?


Talkative focus on connecting customer-facing websites with contact centres.  Through the use of voice, video and chat technology, Talkative bring a much needed face-to-face customer service into your website.


Talkative has already made waves throughout the automobile, travel and insurance markets with the likes of Renault, Suzuki, Yellow Zebra Safaris and Herts Insurance adopting their solution. They are now turning their attention to the retail market.


Talkative has just signed up new channel partners and customers, including the specialist high-street lingerie retailer Bravissimo.



Talkative has brought down our abandonment rate to 6.08% (well below the target of 10%). Additionally, the average chat length was measured at 10 minutes, 19 seconds of detailed conversations which in turn lead to improved performance.



Talkative’s effectiveness is almost immediate. Client reports identify a 70% reduction in lost calls within 2 weeks. This means more customer engagement, less consumer frustration, and greater sales.


The Growth in Talkative

With a recent second round of investment from Wesley Clover and Development Bank of Wales, a doubling in staff numbers and an exciting sales pipeline, Talkative have some exciting new developments in store.



“Our solution is helping customer-facing websites to connect with contact centre technology, which is dictating our route to market. We’re working with contact centre technology providers to enhance their core telephony offering as well as with direct customers who want to turn their website into a better sales tool. One of the markets we are having success in is automotive, where differentiation of websites is key by providing brilliant customer service.


We’ve made good progress in the last year, and we’re excited about our future. We’ve got a good product in the market with some great reference customers, so now we are focusing on scaling revenues.”

– Felix Winstone, Director at Talkative



Integration with Channel Partners

Talkative have teamed up with channel partner and call centre infrastructure expert Mitel. Together, Talkative solutions operate seamlessly on Mitel Contact Centre (MiCC) systems.


Manage chat volumes by routing to the ideal agent within a connected infrastructure. Escalate chat sessions to voice or video call effortlessly with the ability for highly personalised, face-to-face communication.


This video explains simply how Talkatives chat, voice, video, and co-browsing is embedded into a Mitel Contact Centre:



A Focus on Client Usability

Talkative have made very specific product enhancements to their call centre technology by working with clients to ensure their needs are met.


Client requests have included a Push Page feature, Customer Preview feature, queue integration as well as greater video controls.


Talkatives flexibility and attitude to meeting client specific requests have enabled them to become leaders in call centre technology with their online communication tools.



What To Expect From Talkative?


Web-Calling Benefits:

By embedding phone calls directly into your website you’ll capture and convert more online visitors. Identify confusing pages with analytics of caller journeys through your website. Track all chats and calls with easy integration with preferred web analytics systems.


Talkative seamlessly integrates with existing telephone systems. Already embedded within current and legacy web-browsers, Talkative harnesses communication technology that requires no downloads or browser plugins by your customers. Establish calls directly from the web page or within an existing chat session.



Video Calling Benefits:

Give your customers that personal touch with video calling.

Choose between an agent being visible only or both agent and customer meeting face-to-face within the web browser.


It’s easy to install as it works on all modern browsers and mobile devices. It integrates easily with existing telephone solutions with no additional hardware required.



Cobrowsing Benefits:

Show and share experiences with your customers through real-time interaction with your website. Direct customers to specific pages of interest, assist their buying choices and support them in a secure environment that masks personal and sensitive data from agents.


Talkatives call centre technology is safe and highly secure. End-to-end encryption ensures agents visibility of the customer’s website only, not their desktop, browser tabs or files.



Live Web Chat Benefits:

Handle multiple chat conversations at once while tracking your customer’s journey and session info in real-time.

You can even pass lead data and chat transcripts into your Hubspot, SalesForce or other CRM by capturing messages and key data including name, email and custom fields.


Should you need to offer additional support, it’s simple to escalate from chat into voice, video or co-browsing within the same session.


Talkative works with Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Whatsapp integrations to advance your call centre technology offerings further afield.





It’s clear that humans prefer talking to humans. Companies shouldn’t be too quick to abandon real human connections. We all like to communicate in different ways and having different tools for all preferred communication needs ensures good customer experiences.


For more information on Talkative and their call centre technology solutions, please contact them through their website.




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