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The Alacrity Foundation offers a 12 month fully-funded
entrepreneurship programme based in Newport, South Wales
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Graduate Entrepreneurship

The Alacrity Foundation is a collaboration between the Welsh Government, The Waterloo Foundation and Wesley Clover Corporation. The Foundation provides graduates with practical business training and mentorship, so they can develop as entrepreneurs and launch their own UK based demand-driven technology company.

We are currently seeking ambitious graduates (2012 onwards) who want to be founders of their own hi-tech startups.

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About The Alacrity Foundation

What is the Alacrity Foundation?

The Alacrity Foundation offers a 12 month program which organises graduates into incubator teams and matches them with demand driven opportunities which are sourced from strategic partners. The intent is for each team to create products and services which address nascent market needs and match significant customer demands.


The Alacrity Foundation provides a postgraduate education in entrepreneurship and commercialisation. It is based in the real world, not in the classroom.


Participants are aligned with the marketplace and customer demands identified in conjunction with strategic partners.


An associated seed fund provides capital to make sure each team is positioned for success after they incorporate.


Are you an ambitious engineering or business graduate, who likes the sound of transforming an innovative project idea into a market leading product or service, whilst being a founder of a start-up company?
Location: Newport

£13,800 tax free stipend

  • I'm working on a real world project for a global technology company

    Dale Bradley, BSc Computer Science - Cardiff


The Alacrity Foundation Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme offers three key benefits:


Through the Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme participants gain real world business experience and learn the best practices from successful entrepreneurs. Skills and knowledge are gained in a variety of business disciplines that equip the participants to manage the operations of a new technology company upon project completion.



Participating teams and the Alacrity Foundation work together to define projects for which there is clear and present demand for a solution. Once projects are selected, teams proceed under the guidance of the Alacrity Foundation and Industry Partner Executives. Industry partners provide project teams with operational support, a vast network of contacts, access to customers and strategic relationships with larger established companies.


The majority of commercialisation projects fail due to lack of capital, poor managerial skills and insufficient understanding of the marketplace. Participants of the Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme will receive the guidance and support that is essential in overcoming these barriers. Successful participants will not only have an equity stake in the incorporated company, but the Alacrity Foundation will provide an infrastructure and support for the new entity.


The Team


A selection of experienced and successful entrepreneurs provide mentorship and advice to participants of the entrepreneurship programme. Experts in their respective fields provide feedback and advice to help graduate teams develop their products and business ideas.

John Holvey

Software Engineering

Curt Hopkins

Consilium Ventures
Corporate Strategy

Raman Mistry


Mike Doyle


Prof Simon Gibson OBE

Trustee/ Chairman

Sir Terry Matthews OBE

Chairman Wesley Clover
  • Our mission is to develop a new generation of UK based Hi-Tech companies by harnessing our brightest and best graduate talent

    — S. Gibson, Chairman —


The Alacrity Foundation
Alacrity House
Moderator Wharf
NP20 1HG

+44 (0)1633 259517

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Strategic Partners

University Partners



Ruth Evans


Prof Ian Hargreaves CBE


Prof Simon Gibson OBE

Trustee/ Chairman

Prof Michael Walker OBE