Europe's Only Charitable Technology Incubator

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What is Alacrity?

Alacrity is a 12 month Programme that provides graduates with practical business training, software skills & mentoring so that they can develop as entrepreneurs and launch their own UK based technology companies.

What the Alacrity Foundation has to offer

Experienced Mentors

The Alacrity Foundation is able to offer a wealth of information and experience due to the knowledge of our Internal and External Mentors.

Code BootCamp

The Alacrity Foundation runs a Coding BootCamp with our partners Calibrae Learning to ensure all graduates meet industry standards.

Public Relations

The Alacrity Foundation works in collaboration with the media in order to ensure our teams get the coverage they need to get their Company in the Public domain.

Creative Environment

The Alacrity Foundation takes work seriously, but allows time for play too. We encourage graduates to take a break and enjoy themselves.

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Who Do We Work With?

The Alacrity Foundation works in conjunction with several strategic partners, all of which form Alacrity's client portfolio. From our founding companies, Wesley Clover and the Waterloo Foundation, through to our other partner companies including Admiral, Airbus as well as many more.

Our Amazing Funding Partners