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E-Waste inspection and de-installation software
Digitising Recovery

Identify surplus equipment, deploy recovery jobs and eliminate e-waste using our all-in-one inventory management software.

RECOVAR’s web dashboard and mobile application allow asset owners and recovery companies to deploy inspection jobs, manage inventories and approve de-installation.
  • Reduce manual processes and eliminate paper trails.
  • Standardised and digital audit trail.
  • Prioritise and combine nearby profitable de-installation jobs through integrated equipment pricing.
  • Accelerate building closure and reduce capital expenditure through a simplistic, scalable de-installation process.
  • Hit environmental goals, eliminate e-waste and identify redundant equipment to reuse, resell or recycle.
  • Reduce risk through an integrated asset owner approval process.
  • RECOVAR provides a web dashboard for admins and managers to increase revenue generated from e-waste.
  • Our mobile application gives engineers an all-in-one, photo-first software to complete tasks and provide proof of work.
  • Job scheduling to plan inspection and de-installation jobs directly to engineers’ mobile app.
  • Map of critical fixed telecommunications infrastructure.
  • RECOVAR’s built-in analytics provides currently inaccessible insight into redundant equipment value.
  • Generate reports to identify cost-saving opportunities and increase profit.
Enabling asset recovery companies and owners to eliminate E-waste and accelerate recovery through our inspection and de-installation software.
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