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Celestra Health

Celestra Health Monitors Multiple Sclerosis Progression
MS Digital Treatment Monitoring
Celestra Health is a digital solution for MS patients that unites an app and smart insoles to feed critical body movement data for better treatment outcomes.
Celestra Health Medical Multiple Sclerosis Smart Insoles
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Celestra Health enables patients and doctors to better manage the realities of living with Multiple Sclerosis, a lifelong condition. It is a simple to use solution that collects data from a patient’s smart insoles combining it with periodic cognitive and upper limb dexterity assessments to provide highly granular insights into disease progression.

Monitor the MS Patients gait for subtle changes

Clinically validated digital cognitive and upper limb dexterity assessments

Conducted in the comfort of your own home using smart insoles and a mobile app

An early warning system for MS condition changes


Artificial Intelligence algorithms for measurements

Unlock valuable insights for treatment direction

Bluetooth enabled smart insoles

Easy-to-use mobile app

Clinician set goals

Walking and movement goals

Surveys and journal entrys

Cognitive assessments

Upper body dexterity tasks

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Celestra Health reveals your personalised Multiple Sclerosis journey by combining smart insoles, cognitive and dexterity tests with clinician-led goal setting
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