What is Alacrity?

The Alacrity Foundation seeks to provide the best applied post graduate business course in the UK.

The Alacrity Graduate Programme is different to all other incubator experiences. Not only is it run by an educational charity but you receive an allowance whilst you develop your business skills and personal qualities. The Foundation achieves this by working with industry partners in identifying near to market business issues and challenges members of the Programme to solve them.

Business Environment

The Alacrity Foundation takes work seriously, but allows time for play too. We encourage graduates to take a breather and enjoy themselves.

Applied Business Skills

In a start-up environment, the first few decisions will shape you company's direction, that's why we have experienced strategy partners to help you make those decisions.

Educational Experience

We don't expect every graduate to be a natural linguist when it comes to code, which is why we'll teach you how to if needs be....well, we'll try at least!

You will typically work in teams of four comprising three software developers and a business graduate. Teams are immersed in a structure that provides intensive support in traditional business disciplines. The Programme is unique because it is empathetic and places a premium on encouraging self-learning and educational advancement. On completion of the Programme the rewards are an enriching experience and the opportunity to own your company.

Running a start-up business is a big challenge. Statistics show that nearly fifty percent of start-ups fail to make it beyond the first year. Businesses fail for a variety of reasons. All too frequently the product may work perfectly but customers don’t want to buy it. Sometimes the funding runs out. Success is based on a lot of factors.